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SFCT Pty Ltd is a "Renewable Energy Technology" company.  We offer a range of products and services such as Consulting, FEED Studies, Design, Engineering, Project Management and Construction.  We specialize in converting the energy contained within biomass (wood chips, sawdust, crop & forest residues) into cost-effective heat & power.   SFCT also designs and constructs "turn-key" Wood Pellet Factories and specialises in other general bulk-solids-handling solutions such as conveying, bulk storage, stacking, reclaiming and export systems.

We have developed our own range of specialized equipment for receiving, reclaiming, screening, conveying, and burning of biomass and we have OEM agreements for Drying, Pelleting and control systems technologies.  Our focus is to deliver smart solutions that provide efficient, reliable and cost effective renewable energy to our clients.  SFCT is very fleixble with our approach and can supply either a single item of equipment, consulting, engineering, design, or design and construct your entire project.  

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Former National Operations Manager for Brightwater Engineering, Mathew Fletcher assumes a fulltime role as Exec Managing Director for SFCT Pty Ltd. 







 Heat - Power - Pelleting - Bulk Solids Handling

 Solid Fuel Combustion Technologies


 Patented "Solid Fuel Combustion Turbine"

In 2009 we invented the Solid Fuel Combustion Turbine.  Our mission was to create efficient, base-load renewable energy which is cost competitive with coal and gas. The Solid Fuel Combustion Turbine uses renewable Wood Pellets for fuel instead og non-renewable coal, oil or gas.  It is extremely efficient because it derives it's energy from the direct combustion phase at 1000'c instead of using radiant heat like a steam boiler.  It also provides abundant heat (400'c) from the exhaust for drying product or for generating steam.  We are developing a range of sizes from 50Kw to 3Mw.  View the demonstration plant video below (flash Video required), or alternatively visit the youtube link: 

Youtube - "Solid Fuel Combustion Turbine"